Pedigree Shetland

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Shetland Sheep

The Shetland is classed as a primitive or ‘unimproved’ sheep; however its versatility in providing taste, sweet meat, highest quality fine fleece, ease of handling and attractive appearance have made it a popular choice for a whole range of people.


Fact File

  • Shetland ewes make excellent and protective mothers. They lamb easily and rarely need help. Lambs are up and suckling within minutes.
  • These hardy coloured sheep are lively, intelligent and full of character. They are an ideal smallholder’s sheep with their range of beautiful colours.
  • There are 11 main whole colours in Shetland Sheep, with many shades and variants in between. The eleven whole colours are shown on the Society’s website.
  • These eleven colours include Black, Shaela (dark grey), White, Dark Brown, Moorit (reddish brown), Mioget (yellowish brown), Fawn, Emsket (blueish grey), Grey, Light Grey and Musket (pale greyish brown).
  • There are more than 30 recognised markings including; Bersugget, Bielset, Bioget, Blaeget, Blaget, Blettet, Bleset/Sneedled, Brandet, Bronget, Flecket, Fronet, Gulmoget, Ilget Iset, Katmoget, Katmollet, Kraiget, Kranset, Krunet, Marlit, Mirkface, Moget-faced, Mullit, Sholmet, Skeget, Smirslet, Snaelit, Sokket, Sponget, and Yuglet!
  • Included in our flock at Claddach we have Bioget (With a white back and darker sides and belly, or vice-versa, Bleset/Sneedled (Dark coloured with light coloured breast or vice-versa), Gulmoget (Having light underparts with a dark coloured body, white inside the ears and under the jaw), Katmoget (Having a light coloured body with dark belly and legs and a moget face. The reverse of Gulmoget) Krunet (Dark coloured with a white patch on the top of the head) and finally one of our favourites a Yuglet (Having colour around eyes different from remainder of the body).

We currently have 23 breeding ewes and approximately 40 lambs who were Sired by our pedigree Shetland Tup, Claddach Hamish. They are all so full of character and beautiful to look at.

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