Suffolk Cross



The Suffolk evolved from the mating of Norfolk Horn ewes with Southdown rams in the Bury St Edmunds area, these sheep were known as Southdown Norfolks, or locally, as “Black faces.”

Still the leading domestic terminal sire breed throughout the UK and Ireland, the Suffolk is one of our oldest, domestic British breeds and has been in existence since the late 1700’s with the Suffolk Sheep Society formed in 1886. The Suffolk remains No. 1 for growth rate as proven by numerous independent scientific studies. This ability to grow means that Suffolk lambs are ready for market earlier resulting in reduced input costs.

Because the breed has high milk output, hard hooves and wide pelvic dimensions for easy lambing, introducing Suffolk genetics to a commercial ewe flock is an excellent counter to the all too prevalent problems experienced with other breeds with soft and (or) slow growing lambs, or ewes that have unacceptable levels of udder and feet problems. This was shown with our 30 Suffolk x Mules this lambing season. They produced large, healthy and happy lambs that were up suckling within minutes and are continuing to thrive, all this helped us towards our best ever lambing percentage to date turning out at 196% success rate!

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