In the early 1970s the superior quality of Dutch Texel caught the attention of some English breeders who were interested in importing Dutch Texels to the UK. They were unable to import the Dutch Texels at the time and instead opted for importing French ones due to import laws. At the end of the decade UK import laws changed and allowed the import of Dutch Texels.

What is now known as the British Texel has proven to be a huge success in the British Isles, with many stud rams being used in commercial flocks for the production of meat. The breed has shown that its hardy nature and ability to finish for slaughter in a competitive period of time has been well suited to the requirements of the British food market. These qualities have helped the Texel breed become the most popular terminal sire breed in the UK.

In August 2009, a Texel tup lamb named Deveronvale Perfection was sold for a world record price for a sheep of £231,000. Bred in Banffshire, Scotland, the lamb was sold by Graham Morrison of Cornhill, Aberdeenshire to fellow sheep farmer Jimmy Douglas at a sale in Lanark. The high price has been attributed to the lamb’s strong physical attributes, and Deveronvale Perfection was used for breeding.

Our Texel tup, Rambo posesses the strong physical attributes required of a Texel and passes his genes on to produce healthy lambs.

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